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Welcome HYDROGRID Insight V3: Check out the new & improved features!

Starting with May 1st, all HYDROGRID Insight users will be rolled over to our newest version of our water management and production planning platform. However, you can already explore the new environment today and there’s a lot of new functionalities to dig into. Below we leave a couple of reasons for you to make the switch to V3 right away!

Water Value – Compute & Visualize the Value in Every Drop of Water

One of the standout features in V3 is the innovative water value calculation and visualization tool. Users can harness the power of advanced algorithms to determine the most profitable ways to dispatch their hydropower assets. Whether you’re managing a single unit or a complex network of assets, this tool translates complex data into clear, actionable insights, empowering you to make decisions that maximize efficiency and profitability.

Long-Term Planning – Forecasting with Precision

Long-term planning is crucial for the sustainability and profitability of hydropower operations. HYDROGRID Insight V3 introduces an unparalleled long-term forecasting feature that leverages machine learning to digest historical data and daily actuals. This solution provides forecasts for water inflow, reservoir levels, and production planning up to 12 months in advance. It’s not just about data; it’s about accurate predictions that allow for better maintenance scheduling, outage planning, and water management. After unforeseen events the view, production planning and inflow forecasts quickly recalibrate to ensure you’re always working with the most current and relevant data.

Maintenance Planning – Streamlining Maintenance

Maintenance planning can make or break the efficiency of hydropower operations. With HYDROGRID Insight V3, maintenance scheduling has been deeply integrated with market data and inflow predictions. This integration ensures that you can plan outages while minimizing financial loss caused by to untimely maintenance. A helicopter view of your entire portfolio condensed on one screen allows for smarter, more strategic decisions and replaces reactive maintenance with preemptive water management.

New Look & Feel – Enhanced User Experience

Usability enhancements in HYDROGRID Insight V3 make it easier than ever to navigate through complex data. The cockpit view has been redesigned for intuitive navigation, allowing users to expand or collapse complex topologies with ease.

We’ve learned from your feedback and experience and redesigned the constraint management experience, making constraints easier to navigate and adding historical edit visualizations for each constraint. As a result, you can now better track constraint development and future behaviour, as well as sort by hydro component, constraint type, upcoming, disabled, and past constraints – all from one view.

Data is now easier to understand, process and export: Excel, CSV and JSON exports are available across the tool for easy reporting and safekeeping of all the insights we provide.

Enhanced data granularity is now just a hover away due to updated data info boxes, and with faster loading times and leaner 2FA, as well as simplified controls for editing and manual input, managing your hydropower assets has never been smoother or more efficient. Lastly, your entire team can now report, gain and share insight in the same tool, thanks to enhanced user customization. Set your team and relevant stakeholders up for streamlined collaboration with different levels of user access.

Why HYDROGRID Insight?

Our commitment is to empower our users with tools that not only meet but exceed their operational needs. HYDROGRID Insight V3 is the newest outcome of our commitment to innovation, user experience, and operational excellence. In an energy sector where the efficient management of water resources is more critical than ever, HYDROGRID Insight stands out as a forward-looking solution that prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking to ensure constraint compliance, optimize your operations workflows, trade strategically, plan for the future, or streamline your maintenance processes, HYDROGRID is your partner in optimal water management.

Explore what’s new with HYDROGRID Insight V3 and take your hydropower operations to the next level. Your future in hydropower starts here.

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