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Make hydro
a power for
the future

with real time predictive planning


Faster decision-making and increased performance

HYDROGRID Insight brings hydropower plant monitoring, real-time predictive production planning, restriction management and reporting under a single hood. Gain full information transparency, as your staff can access, input and export relevant data, all from one place. Anytime, from anywhere.

Inflow & water management made simple

  • Meteorological inflow forecasting
  • Optimal water management
  • Cascade optimization
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Maximize your Revenues

  • Automated power trading
  • Increased water value
  • Minimized imbalance costs
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Digitalize your process & save time

  • Self calibrating real-time system works 24/7
  • Integrates with your SCADA system & power market
  • Full transparency & cybersecurity

Safe operations & environmental compliance

  • Ensure environmental regulation compliance
  • Technical restrictions & maintenance planning
  • Reporting & stakeholder management
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Appreciated by executives, plant operators & traders

After comprehensive evaluation, we chose HYDROGRID Insight, an optimization solution that seamlessly integrates into our existing IT landscape and enables optimal hydrological and market-based management of our portfolio. This partnership aligns with our mission to fully exploit the potential of our hydropower, ensuring the secure, economical, and sustainable energy supply to the customers of Nidwalden.

Roman Schilter - Project Manager
Country: Switzerland
Client since: 2023

The implementation of HYDROGRID Insight is an important step in our digital transformation journey. Deploying process automation and decision support tools helps us to optimize our Hydro generation scheduling and dispatch, and we have replaced manual legacy tools that require manual input with reliable, consistent, and secure data flows.

John Downes - CIO
Country: UK
Client since: 2020

I have always had great communication with HYDROGRID with regards to the optimisation of our hydropower plant Teksdal. The Operations Team is very responsive, solution-oriented and fast in delivering any new calculations. I am very satisfied with the service we receive.

Stian Tyskø - Production & ICT Manager
Country: Norway
Client since: 2018

“Hourly optimization is very resource intensive and requires a lot of forecasting and planning tasks – something I have limited time for. I am very happy that my power station Kvina is now being automatically operated in an optimal way. It is easy to follow the forecast and dispatch strategy via HYDROGRID Insight and observe that we are capturing the full potential of the plant.”

Øyvind Brattland - CEO
Country: Norway
Client since: 2018

Aventron’s business is very long-term oriented, so we like to do a thorough due diligence before committing to a supplier, whether it is power plant equipment or software – but we also like to be ahead of the curve. That’s why it’s great that we were able to very quickly set up a trial of the HYDROGRID solution and we are excited to follow the results in the online dashboard on a daily basis!”

Daniel Moll - CEO
Country: Norway
Client since: 2018

We can wholeheartedly recommend HYDROGRID as a partner for hydro power owners and investors: We were impressed with their power market expertise and rapid operational integration, but most importantly we can count on them to deliver results as projected.

Wolfgang Kröpfl - CEO
Country: Turkey
Client since: 2023
Country: Norway
Client since: 2023
Country: Norway
Client since: 2020
Country: India
Client since: 2023
Country: Italy
Client since: 2021
Country: Finland
Client since: 2022
Country: Norway
Client since: 2020
Country: Norway
Client since: 2022

Ease of Use. Ease of Mind.

Quick, easy & safe to deploy.


Set up HYDROGRID within weeks.


Train new production planning team members within hours.


Standardized API with clients for Python, C++ etc available.


IT Security certified.

Real-time strategy adjustment at your fingertips

With our proprietary HIRO algorithms (Heuristic Intelligent Plant Optimisation), we create true resilience for your hydropower plant by planning for the short-, medium-, and long-term optimization. Find out how we turn plant telemetry, operational and environmental restrictions, inflow forecasts and price forecasts, into the optimal dispatch planning and ready-to-use power market exchange bids!

A Drove (above) View Of A River

Environmental Responsibility

We aim to save 47 million tons of CO2 by 2030 – all through generation of hydropower. We understand that sustainable hydropower is more than efficient, reliable energy storage and dispatch, but also protection of our clean waters and their habitats.

See how HYDROGRID works towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7 and 9!

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