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Maximize Your Revenues

The era of hydropower ‘guided curve’ production planning is behind us. As volatile markets become the norm, hydro assets are also focusing on higher reactivity and strategic water management. We created HYDROGRID Insight to offer hydro asset managers a tool to become proficient in this new market and maximize water utility profits. We have over six years of experience in maximizing revenue, minimizing spill, integrating, and managing constraints, cascade optimization and bringing hydro assets to new power markets.

Automated Price Driven Dispatch (PDD)

Unlike manual planning methods, PDD constantly monitors real-time spot, intraday and day ahead prices and adjusts production to maximize revenue while containing your operational and environmental constraints.

What does it mean for you?
We translate the output of our optimisation algorithms into a tailored bid for you. You get a nominated bid, ready to use or adapt with no extra processing. If you want us to handle this for you, we can send it straight to the power exchange!

Automated Spill Minimization

The traditional spill management method is to react to a spill event after it has occurred or once it is inevitable. The problem with this approach is that, by the time you have noticed an incident, it has already caused considerable damage to your infrastructure and your bottom line.

If you want to avoid wasting water and money, you need a proactive approach. HYDROGRID provides this with its automated spill minimisation feature.

What does that mean for you?
Simply put, you get to increase your revenues by losing less water. Take strategic steps to prevent spills, instead of dealing with damage control. We steer your plant firstly to make you compliant with all constraints and regulations, and then to use every remaining drop towards revenue creation.

Turbines At A Hydro Dam

Achieve All Turbine Efficiency Points

Different turbines have different specs and operate best at specific best efficiency points. Our optimization also takes this into account.

What does that mean for you?
We ask you what the ideal power-to-flow curve is for each of your turbines, we derive the best efficiency point and integrate it in our forecast. You are now set to produce with maximized turbine efficiency, adding this optimization metric to your predictive planning belt.

A Data Graph

Limit Order Bidding

The HYDROGRID Insight dispatch plan is automatically aligned to the power market peaks while respecting the present and forecast hydrological situation.

What does that mean for you?
You get a price dependent dispatch plan. Human intelligence refines and enhances your bid to account for market volatility and unpredictable events.

A Drove (above) View Of A River

Hydrological modelling and inflow forecast for Run-of-River (RoR) plants

Complex inflow predictions are now available for your RoR assets of all sizes. Predicting the inflow, and therefore the expected generation, imbalance costs are minimized. Preemptively avoid penalties by preparing up to 14 days in advance for your expected inflow.

What does that mean for you?
In HYDROGRID Insight, you get access to your inflow forecast, as well as historical production data, your revenues, and your outage planning, all in the same tool.

Water Value Calculation

Measured in €/MWh, our water value is a product of price evolution, dynamic reservoir curve, and turbine capability. The result is a dynamic, real-time, complex evaluation of each available cubic meter of water, that directs strategic trading.

What does that mean for you?
Water value is a must in production planning of big asset managers and is resource intensive. HYDROGRID Insight provides water value data for assets of all sizes – giving you access to new markets and state-of-the-art business practices – one click away. Explore intraday trading opportunities, and better evaluate your potential across all markets!

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