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Inflow & water management made simple

Complexity remains the name of the game in hydropower production, with many intricate interdependences in both water and energy systems, but also within your team.

HYDROGRID addresses this complexity by increasing connectivity between all components of your plant, across your teams, and with all relevant stakeholders. We believe that this connectivity marginally improves reaction times, and quality of outcomes, by projecting the implications of each operational decision, and optimising all parameters impacted by it.

A Dashboard View Of The Hydrogrid System.


Your team remains your most valuable asset, and their intel is the driving force of our product. Our HYDROGRID Insight ‘Cockpit’ gives you a detailed outlook of our optimisation outputs and control over how you want to optimise. Input new data, replace, or delete current info, including constraints, strategy adjustments, and telemetry updates. You will get an instant production planning adjustment, that also impacts the mid- and long-term strategic planning.

What does that mean for you?
Save extensive coordination time to focus on what matters. You always keep full control of your plant operation, from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. Have we mentioned we abide to the strictest Cyber-Security Standards? Check out our certification here!

Concrete Dam Wall Of Kaprun Power Plant, Salzburg Alps, Austria

Cascade Optimization

HYDROGRID Insight connects all elements of your cascade and its hydrological system. By operating all your connected plants together, you can maximize each strength and minimize all risks. Our algorithms are built to handle complexity and deliver real-time intelligence, allowing immediate reaction to every telemetry input.

What does that mean for you?
Achieve full flexibility of an entire cascade, at no computational expense on your end. Prepare for market highs or weather events by balancing upstream reservoirs to direct water towards your best performing turbines ahead of the event.
To explore how we use gates to increase the flexibility of turbines, by looking at cascades as a holistic system, check out this case study!

Cyber Security Accreditation

We align with one of the most stringent standards for data security out there, and undergo periodic audits to maintain our accreditation.

What does that mean for you?
With our entire IT infrastructure following the Cyber Essential Certification guidelines, you can rest assured that your data is stored and handled in the safest of ways.

Engineer Looking At A Laptop Stood In Front Of A Dam

Portfolio Management

Do you manage a diverse portfolio of hydro assets, with shared or distinct teams, stakeholders, and properties? You can now do it from one place, using HYDROGRID Insight. Manage user accessibility, activity logs and historical recording across teams, organizations, and plants. Make Insight truly yours, with our white labeling option.

What does that mean for you?
You can now share the same monitoring, reporting, and production planning tool with operation and trading teams of your managed assets. Moreover, you can customize the access of each user to specific plants, or your entire fleet. Keep your team updated on real time performance and predictive planning input.

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