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Småkraft AS Partners with HYDROGRID to Enhance Hydropower Production Efficiency

Oslo/Vienna, August 29, 2023 – Småkraft AS, a recognized player in the renewable energy sector, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with HYDROGRID, a digitalization company based in Vienna. This partnership will further optimize the efficiency and sustainability of Småkraft’s hydropower operations by leveraging the real-time predictive planning technology embedded in HYDROGRID Insight.

In the current energy landscape, optimizing existing resources is paramount for a sustainable future. Småkraft AS, an established hydro producer in Europe, is taking steps towards this by partnering with HYDROGRID.

This collaboration entails the optimization of four cascades of hydropower plants and two standalone storage hydropower plants. In total, sixteen facilities in Norway and Sweden will undergo refinement using the HYDROGRID Insight production planning solution.

Terje Vedeler, CEO of Småkraft AS, emphasizes the practical significance of the partnership:

After a successful pilot phase, Småkraft concluded that HYDROGRID could easily integrate with our existing IT & SCADA system, an environment that allows us to handle more than 200 plants in parallel with a very lean organizational setup. This collaboration fully aligns with our core mission of harnessing the potential of hydropower for local communities while adhering to environmentally responsible practices.

Janice Goodenough, CEO of HYDROGRID, “The HYDROGRID team really enjoys working together with the Småkraft team in a very collaborative and results-oriented way. We are very pleased to further support Småkraft AS ambition to create renewable values for the next generation.”

With a network of 221 small-scale hydro power plants, Småkraft AS remains a leader in sustainable hydro power production. The partnership with HYDROGRID underscores Småkraft’s commitment to adopting innovative solutions to create as much new renewable energy as possible .


For media inquiries, please contact:

Ghislain Nicolas
Chief Commercial Officer, HYDROGRID GmbH

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About Småkraft AS:

Småkraft is a leading renewable energy company that specialises in producing renewable energy with hydroelectric power plants. Småkraft builds, owns and operates hydroelectric power plants in Norway and Sweden. In an average year, Småkraft produces 2 TWh of renewable hydroelectric power, with the goal to increase this to 3 TWh by 2027. Småkraft’s operations center is located in Bergen, with presence in Oslo, Flatanger, Hamar, Nittedal, Sandnes, Harstad and Uppsala.


Founded 2016 in Vienna, HYDROGRID was awarded the national digitalization award in 2019 for its cutting-edge technology and currently supports hydro operators in 7 countries around the world to fully digitalize their process from water to money. The HYDROGRID Insight production planning solution combines powerful machine learning algorithms for inflow and power price forecasting with intelligent optimization across the short-, medium- and long-term horizon for run-of-river, pondage, storage, and cascade hydro-assets – all in one integrated and fully automated software package. This enables hydro power operators to react in real time to weather events, minimize water losses and maximize their power market revenues in a fully automated way while ensuring environmental and operational safety and compliance. The company is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in hydropower production worldwide.

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