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What users say about us:

The implementation of HYDROGRID Insight is an important step in our digital transformation journey. Thanks to it, we have replaced legacy tools that require manual input with reliable, consistent, and secure data flows.

John Downes, CIO, SSE Renewables, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to provide us with telemetry, such as reservoir levels, or turbine generation. In order to allow our optimizations to always run with the latest data, we recommend sending telemetric data hourly.

If you discover that your plant’s telemetry data is wrong or if you have better insight for it, inflow, hydro bodies and control units can be overridden, both actual levels and the plan itself. HYDROGRID admins can also override the values but would never override anything without your specific request.

Our inflow forecast calculation is based on our proprietary HIRO algorithm, which inputs weather measurements from different points of your water system, as well as weather forecasts, past and present telemetry data and natural inflow calculations. The output is a real-time estimate of inflow, which adapts to each change in data, and increases in accuracy with each historical data input. In other words, the longer HIRO learns about your plant’s historical inflow, the better prepared it will be against future scenarios.

No. HYDROGRID Insight works with the same data you already use to operate your plant.

HYDROGRID Insight can benefit plants with capacities ranging from 1MW to 500MW and more.

Yes, HYDROGRID provides a solution for intraday optimisation. This is especially important when it comes to small reservoirs that frequently experience edge cases.

HYDROGRID is undergoing yearly cyber security audits and renewing its Cyber Essentials Certification which ensures that your data is protected throughout our entire IT infrastructure.

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