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About Us

We want to make hydro a power for the future…

Our team has come together to make hydropower a competitive, profitable, and resilient renewable energy source, and do our bit for a carbon free future.

In fact, we see a carbon free future on the horizon and see the need for hydropower as indispensable to the energy transition. A stable energy grid powered by year-round renewable generation depends on how well we can harness the full potential of our water – the only renewable with energy storage and flexible generation capabilities.

…with real-time predictive planning

By using the newest technologies to maximise flexibility and environmental compliance, we aim to harness the full potential of water, while protecting it as a precious resource. We do more than help our customers to increase their revenues. We also encourage additional investment in hydro generation assets, as well as digitalisation of current solutions. We think win-win in all business relationships and strive to align our interests with our customers’ results.

We take pride in our unique technology, but most importantly, we recognize that it is our team that brings us our success. We want everyone at HYDROGRID to not only be great at their job but also to love doing it and to feel ownership of their role in moving the company in the right direction.

Water is power and we are on a mission to make every drop count…

Hydropower represents a 60% of the renewable energy mix worldwide and can power our net 0 goals at an unprecedented scale. We build solutions that can fit power plants of any size, age or complexity, so that any hydro team can make an impact today.


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